Industry Solutions

Retail and CPG

Customers are looking for stores to engage them at their (the customers’) level, location, and interests. We now live in a world where everything comes to the customer, the customer doesn’t just go to the store anymore. Does your mobile strategy match your customers’ needs? IntelaText offers the following Retail / CPG solutions that we can customize to fit your exact needs: Mobile Cataloging

  • Fully customizable and geared toward audience
    • Based on preferences
    • Can be geo-targeted
  • Always current and easily updatable
  • Cost effective and green (reduces printed materials)

Mobile Offers / Coupons

  • Fraud-proof – coupon physically moves so screen grab is not possible
  • POS neutral – runs entirely on mobile and integrates how you need
  • Tracks attribution
  • One-to-one redemption
    • Coupon or Special Offer redeemable only once and at a specific location
  • One-to-many redemption
    • Mobile device redemption of offer as many times as specified
    • If disconnect and reconnect, still recognizes number of offers remaining
  • Specific location redemption
    • Can program to only
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      allow coupons at places where initially engaged with product (i.e. sampling, then must go back and purchase at that venue if coupon provided)

  • QR Code / UPC Code Scavenger Hunt
    • In-store “hunt” to locate other related products and progressively increasing size of coupons
    • “Treasure Map” + Geolocation = Customized and constant interaction with customer
    • Increases impulse-buying in store as well
    • Works well for partners or vendors in-store

Loyalty and Rewards via Mobile Mobile VIP Club

  • Cashier sign-up and check-in
  • Text to sign-up
  • Mobile coupons
  • Text offers to VIP Club Members

Combine Personal Preferences / Historical Purchases + Geo-location = Hyper-personalization

  • Ensures relevant information for customers
    • Requires having data or gaining data through time
  • Reminds customers where nearest store is located, as well as items within the store

Augmented Reality

  • Product or Store Location
  • Virtual Demos or Seek-n-Finds
  • Gamification for prizes, experiences, and special offers