Industry Solutions


Today’s savvy travelers expect personalized mobile services and solutions, uniquely fitting to their wants and rewarding them for spending with you. IntelaText can help you exceed expectations and increase your competitive advantage with your customers and partners.

Your success rests on interacting with your customers during booking, travel, and post-stay, and IntelaText helps you deliver!

IntelaText offers the following hospitality and travel solutions that we can customize to fit your exact needs:

Hyper-personalize all travel-related info

  • Segment your customers to a list of 1
  • Know their preferences and customize for them (i.e. coupons/discounts vs. upgrades/elevated status)
  • Exclusive Mobile VIP Offers
  • Global insta-chat and Mobile Concierge in up to 50 languages through QR codes or text-to-interact on any internet-enabled device


Do you offer entertainment options on-site (casinos, restaurants, retail)? If so, track customers as they explore the surrounding areas and entice customers back on-site with offers if they have left the “fenced” area for a predetermined length of time.

Augmented Reality

Prior to a customer’s arrival, not only show them pictures of their stay, but literally take them through their experience and what the upgrade would actually be. Upgrade options can include:

  • Room
  • Golf
  • Spa

Coalition-Model with Surrounding Merchant Partners

Offering a virtual “Entertainment Book” prior to and during each customer’s stay helps build the businesses around you, and ultimately makes you look good and drives additional revenue to your bottom line. Partner with surrounding:

  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Drycleaners
  • And More!

Comprehensive Loyalty Programs