Industry Solutions


Interact with your fan-base using the hottest technology. Whether a concert, a sporting event or in-broadcast programming, IntelaText provides you immediate and measurable ways to interact with your fans and provide added value to them as well as your partners.

IntelaText offers the following entertainment solutions that we can customize to fit your exact needs:

Mobile VIP Club [Paid or Free to join]

  • Unlock unique / proprietary content not accessible anywhere else
    • Unique added-value for you and your VIPs
  • Text / Scan QR / Click Link to Join
  • Customized to engage each fan-base
  • Dynamic Texting to Fan-base
    • “From” artist / athlete / etc.
    • Personalized (name), geo-located and immediate
  • Geo-location at-event / Text to screen / Text to code
    • VIP seat upgrades
    • One-time access pass


Live Streaming (PPV)

  • Interact with fans at event and those at home: scrolling screens
  • Text / Tweet to screen
  • Extended content for people at home
    • Interviews, Games, Trivia, Surveys, and more
  • Unlocked on a single device
  • Mobile subscriptions for ongoing streaming


Text Twitter Handle to Short Code

  • Combines personalized social and text interaction for contests, voting, and more
  • Allows to monitor and follow fan-base as it relates to key search terms related to your needs
    • Event-based could be listening in time period leading up to event
    • Reward VIPs for promoting socially


“Complete This”…Contests

  • Help artist finish piece (i.e. song)
  • Mobile / Online voting component to further engage audience


Fantasy Leagues through Mobile

  • Works online as well as via all mobile devices
  • Includes real-time leaderboard



  • Control human traffic patterns around locations or an event
  • Gets fans / audience to go to the next place
  • Sponsored Interactivity and Brand Emersion


In-the-Moment Photo Capture

  • Sends to Mobile
  • Customized sponsor frame
  • Integrate with touch-screen or jumbotron


Battle of the Bands – Mobile Voting

MVP Player of the Game / Player of the Week

Digital / Mobile Scavenger Hunts

Passes / Tickets Through Mobile

  • Unique ticket IDs that can only be used once


YurNext Technology

  • Mobile interaction while waiting in line
  • Wait time estimation
  • Advertising / Gaming in line
  • Virtual place-holder in line


Complete Event Solutions Via Mobile – All in One Place

  • Ticketing
  • Line Waiting
  • Photo Capture
  • Audience Interaction
  • Seat Upgrades


With all of these solutions, IntelaText provides ways for you to integrate your dynamic partnerships as part of your strategy. Let IntelaText build a custom solution for you to bring your brand and your affiliates / partners together to reach your fan-base.