Industry Solutions

B2B & Internal Business Solutions

Looking to create lasting partnerships with other businesses using the most state-of-the-art mobile technologies? Want to reach customers (through partnerships) in new and exciting ways? Want to put in place internal systems for employees without needing to make capital investments? Want to do all of these tasks using Mobile Technology? IntelaText offers the following B2B and Internal Business Solutions that we will customize to fit your exact needs:

Employee Onboarding

  • Customized and timely employee manuals
    • Always current and easily updatable
    • Cost effective and green (reduces printed materials)
  • Gamification, making onboarding more engaging
    • Augmented Reality / Treasure Hunt to familiarize with location / products / services


Employee Training & Re-Certification

  • Fraud-proof
    • Bio-metrics for authentication
    • Eye tracking ensures training materials are being watched
    • Engaging questions to help ensure employees are paying attention
    • Averages so no “speed reading”
  • Can be off-site – lessens the disruption to employees (especially if employees are in-the-field)


Internal Communications

  • Multi-language communications to international company employees

Employee Appreciation and Rewards / Incentive Programs

  • Track rewards given to employees from other employees
  • Can be in multiple languages


LIVE Streaming [Paid or Free to Invited Guests]

  • Up to 200 languages


Exit Surveys via Mobile Crisis Management Compliance Management

  • Check-ins and Reminders
  • Authentication of User
  • Used to save money across company / organization


Partnership Incentive Programs

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  • Partner with other organizations / affiliates / companies to create multi-faceted incentive programs redeemable via mobile
  • Created down to a segment of one (individualized)
B2B & Internal Business Solutions