Creating Strategic Mobile Partnerships

IntelaText provides understanding of your customers using CAM – Consumer Action Mobilytics

  • CAM is the proprietary process of engaging consumers via their mobile device with personalized analytics that drive action.
  • Engagement + Personalization + Trust + Value = Customer Loyalty or Desired Action
  • IntelaText creates a mobile relationship channel for you and your clients that will mean trackable immediate results.
  • We bring your brand to your customers and work to get you to meet your customers in their world.
  • Personalized dynamic content for each user: Text messages have each user’s name, location, preferences, or interests included.
  • Strong emphasis on VOC – Voice of Customer, highlighting their behavioral and emotional triggers.

Our proven track-record of working with CMOs and companies to offer the latest in mobile marketing with solutions that out-innovate the landscape is highlighted by 10+ years working with Fortune 500 brands and the largest agencies in the world. You definitely know our work!