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We arrived in Hamilton, went to his hotel and set up for the interview. Let it go on record that I hate doing interviews in hotel rooms; they are so confined, you don't have enough control of enough of the space and the beds just aren't needed. On the other hand sometimes it's the quietest place you can find .

FWilly+ friends friendswhat's this?TROPHY CASEI personally dislike HOAs. But, I far more greatly dislike the home that I bought, in the neighborhood that I chose being mired by some idiot that thought it was a great idea to put their old car on blocks, paint their house hot pink and turn their front yard into a vegetable garden. That happened at my last house and the value declined by more than $60k as a direct result of one neighbor.

Second This article attempts to find a solution at the Federal level. Currently with crime rates falling and gun control measures (where they are still in place) failing I don see any advantage at moving things to the federal level. Eventually even states like Illinois and New York (well maybe not NY) will find reasons to see the benefits of CCW and CCWers.


Even this is a compulsory requirement in some countries according to labor laws. In these countries, if the appropriate safety environment is not provided to the working force, the employer can be sued under labor laws. So, employers will have to be careful about providing the right kind of working environment and safety products like safety glasses to them if this type of specs are actually required for the workers engaged in manufacturing process.


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