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There are some dresses belonging to the adults too in this section but mostly these costumes cater to the young and baby generation. The colors are usually similar and come in different shades of green, emerald green or parrot green. There is not much difference in the look but they come in different sizes like small, large, plus size etc.

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While it sounds smart to go in dressed like Eva Peron or Roxie Hart for that next audition, and we've all heard success stories of actresses who did this to great success for film, the fact is that your vision of the character may vary radically from the director's. If you go in completely to the nines, your results are guaranteed to be a total hit or miss either you'll knock it out of the park, 2014 cheap louis vuitton handbags or you won't make it to callbacks. Going this route is risky because you leave nowhere for the director's imagination to go.

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