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Recent buyers of the volatility ETPs are looking smart, with the VXX up 19% in the last 5 days, and the VIIX and VIXY up even more, but that doesn't change the "buyer beware" aspect of these very short term products, says IndexUniverse analyst Paul Britt. Nice work, he says. Enjoy your profits .

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As a group we decided we were sick of dungeon romps and "Hey lets kill this town!" type of games which we were plagued by a few years ago ( when my group consisted of 5 regulars not just two). I know I can do a highly social and roleplay focused GURPS campaign but I am worried about my own abilities to play such a game in a system that caters to combat and simulation. I am not experienced in running social oriented games and I figured moving to a system that has more of a roleplay/social aspect built into it would be an easier for the group and I to ease into that style of play.