Events and Experiential Done Right

Mobile Photo Share instantly via Text, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Tweet/Text to Screen, Real-Time Audience participation via mobile, Contests, Surveys and more, but the key is to both encourage engagement from your customers and ensure your brand is visible during every step of the process. If done well, the integration is seamless and the customer retains the ability to interact in real-time.

IntelaText supercharges your

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event marketing with customized engagement tactics developed to fit your brand. Combine mobile &

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social media strategy, while gathering real-time client data / opinions / waivers and continue the interaction far beyond the “show” dates. 700-501 Text to win, animated twitter scrolls, digital branded photo marketing, AR promotions, and Live Streaming are just a few mobile solutions that make your event relevant to the masses while appealing to the individual, all while highlighting your mobile marketing capabilities.