Case Studies

FORD X-Games 2013: Brazil & Barcelona


Provide a unique Mobile Photo Share experience for Ford at the 2013 X- Games events around the world.
Ford X Games by Intelatext


IntelaText’s proprietary Mobile Photo Share solution was used to leverage the crowd at the Ford Fiesta booth by sending photos It exam pdf directly to participant’s phones with automatic digital frames surrounding each photo (either vertical or landscape) and programmed to perfectly fit any size/shaped phone.

Mobile Photo Share

At the first two events (held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain), participants were invited to have their individual or group photos taken on a pre-fixed ramp w/ skateboard in front of a Ford backdrop at the Ford Fiesta booth.

A Ford brand ambassador at the booth quickly asked them for their mobile numbers and their preferred language. Within seconds, each participant received their personal photo along with the digitally imposed frame around it with Ford X-Games branding for ongoing marketing purposes.

Language Translation Capabilities: Cultural Consideration

As X-Games attracts large crowds from all over the world, IntelaText was proud to use our proprietary language technology and skin the mobile pages, as well as send out SMS text messages with branded translated frames in over 42 different languages. All without slowing down the process and instantly displaying relevance and cultural sensitivity to000-284 further support the Ford brand.

Permission to Display / Legal Waiver

For those shots that were desirable by Ford in other external marketing efforts, IntelaText created a built-in Authorization Waiver form for that participant to allow their photo to be used and documented for legal memorialization, but in a way that took only 30 seconds and eliminated the need for paper forms or data entry. For minors, there was a Parent/Guardian consent section as well, so all bases were covered and all waivers were digitally made available to the brand’s legal department in real time.


Participants were delighted to receive their photos instantly on their own mobile device and were encouraged to share their branded photos digitally with ‘one-click’ share buttons to Facebook and Twitter, creating a viral marketing swell via social media that extended far beyond just that day’s events.

Ford also valued the ability for IntelaText to add the language and waiver components on-site and without delaying the user experience.