More Than Tactics

IntelaText solutions include strategy, design/build, and full execution... all based on our successful track-record and new technologies hitting the market. We work seamlessly as your outsourced mobile division either wholly or as a complement to your own, bringing the perfect mix of creativity and demonstrated results.


Ranging from off-the-shelf mobile winners (like coupon/offer redemption via mobile and surveys) to completely new mobile technological developments (like wearable computing & bio-metrics combined with personalized mobile experiences), IntelaText has the largest war chest of engagement technologies in the world.

Smart Mobile Marketing
= Increased Consumer Interactions

Personalize your mobile communications with name, location targeting, preferences, and more for unparalleled action-oriented results, all while gathering data to understand customer behaviors.

Events and
Done Right

Mobile Photo Share instantly via Text, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Tweet/Text to Screen, Real-Time Audience Participation and more.

It's Time to
Think Small
With Big Data

All that data you're collecting from each consumer touch-point should have a purpose and working plan. We purify the big data down to behavioral triggers.